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banyan flow

These classes are inspired by our logo and India’s national tree, the Banyan. The tree is a symbol of intense stability, eternal life and are considered sacred by many. In these vinyasa classes, you’ll experience movement, deep breathing, and meditation to help you foster greater stability, flexibility, and balance - physically and mentally. Just like each Banyan tree is unique, these classes vary between teachers and timeslots, so explore them all and find what works for you. Level 2 Banyan Flow classes are similar to open level classes, but spend less time explaining how and why and more time moving. 

chakra vinyasa

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means "wheel" and refers to one of seven energy centers that are located along the length of the spine. When the chakras are balanced, we feel healthy and happy. When one (or many) becomes out of balance, we notice a shift away from our ideal state. Class will include an introduction to the chakra of the week, an all-levels yoga flow to balance your energy, and a final meditation to help you to get (and stay) on track!

yin & yang flow

Hate to sit still? Think meditation is a waste of time? Then this class is perfect for you! If you’re always on the go, you could benefit from a yin yoga class. (Yin yoga is a complement to other yang activities like vinyasa, aerial, hot yoga, running, cycling...). However, we know that not everyone wants to commit to an hour of being still and quiet. So in this class, you’ll  get centered and relaxed with a few yin shapes and balance your energy with a vinyasa flow. This class is open to all-levels and includes the perfect balance of stillness, movement, challenge and relaxation. For more info about yin, read below. 

yin yoga

Yin & Yang describe the Taoist concept of balance. They are not opposites, but complements! Most of the activities in our lives have “yang” or intense energy: busy schedules, hardcore exercise classes, hectic family and work dynamics, even flow-based yoga practices. Yin yoga exists as a practice to help balance your yang energy with more reflective, slow and insightful goals. You can expect long-held yoga poses that exercise the connective tissues, guided meditations and breathing exercises that help you to feel more balanced, refreshed and focused. 

flow & restore

Wired but tired? This class begins with a gentle vinyasa flow to prepare the body and balance restless energy before settling in to a few sweet restorative poses and a juicy savasana (final relaxation). Restorative is different than yin in the sense that each poses should be completely comfortable and supported.  This is the antidote to stress and will leave you feeling grounded and relaxed.

prenatal yoga

Calling all Mommies to Be! Join specialized prenatal yoga instructor and experienced mommy-of-four Corinne, in a program designed to help you prepare for your baby both emotionally and physically. Surrounded by a loving and supportive sangha (community), you will learn asanas (postures) to soothe aching muscles and strengthen the body for childbirth, practice kriyas (repetitive exercise) to learn mental endurance for labor, and participate in mindfulness practices to support both yourself and your growing family. Give yourself a chance to slow down, breathe deep, and enjoy the beautiful journey of pregnancy! We recommend beginning prenatal after the first trimester. Please feel free to contact us with questions.

postnatal yoga

Attention all moms! Please join us for a POSTnatal class! Whether you're six weeks- or five years- postpartum, this class is just for YOU (join us for mommy & me another time). Enjoy a sweet, nourishing, loving yoga practice to help you relax and center. This class is similar to our prenatal practices but designed specifically for our moms who have delivered and want some TLC!

mellow flow

This class is a vinyasa style, meaning the emphasis is to intentionally pair movement and breath. However, sequences in this class flow slowly and some poses are held for several breaths. The slow pace makes it accessible to newbies but the long holds keep it challenging for experienced yogis. A sweet balance between sthira (effort) and sukha (ease). 

power flow

Power Flow is a vinyasa style class that emphasizes strength. In this all-levels class, you'll flow through sun salutations, hold warrior and lunge poses and practice balance and work on core strength. Develop strength, stamina and balance while flowing from pose to pose.



Have you been thinking about trying yoga but worry that you won't be able to keep up with a class? If there's no chance in hell that you'll ever get your foot behind your head (who needs to anyway?!) but want to experience the magic of yoga, this class is designed just for you.In Slow+Simple, you'll learn the foundations of yoga asana (postures) and practice mindfulness. Through movement and breathing, you'll increase the connection between body and mind, enjoy a welcoming, fun community, and feel empowered to move in ways you never thought your body could. The movement in this class is beginner accessible, minimizes transitions from standing to the floor and is gentle on joints with limited mobility. Class size is limited so that each individual can receive personal attention. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.

community class

Our community classes are offered periodically to make yoga more accessible and to support various local charities. Classes are offered on a donation basis and will benefit a charity of the volunteering teachers choice.

privates and parties


Private Yoga Parties or Classes

Looking for a fun and unique party for your family and friends? Remember Organic when you are planning your next event! Bring the gang over for an extra special experience: a birthday, bridal shower, team building activity, girls' night out, girl scouts... We will cater the class to your group so everyone leaves feeling great! 6 - 20 participants. Have something more personal in mind? We'll come to you! 



Private Sessions

Whether you’re looking for a one-on-one in your home or a small group session in the studio, our teachers can design the perfect yoga program just for you. Contact us with number of participants, preferred day and time and we will get back to you with options for instructors and pricing.