Silvia Martinichio

What do you like most about teaching yoga?:

The thing I like most about teaching yoga is the opportunity to create a safe and nurturing space: a space for breathing, sharing, healing, and growth. A space where we can share the practice with a community of beautiful individuals of all ages and abilities, learning that we all have more in common than we think. I love to help guide students to be the best versions of themselves which will allow them to teach other to do the same.

Teaching philosophy / describe your average class:

As a yoga student myself, I love to be challenged, to try new things, to let loose and for once not think about anything else. A lot of my teaching represents the things I love in the classes I take as a student. I love to incorporate music into my teaching, and carefully craft playlists to match the flow. In a typical class, you could expect to flow to a unique sequence, trying out new poses and transitions each time. I also love to incorporate guided intentions with a focused theme or idea to think about throughout class.

Training & Certifications:

200 HR RYT

50 HR Aerial Certification

What is your favorite pose?:

Arm balances!

Anything else you want to share:

The greatest part of my teaching journey has been the people I have met, and community I have been a part of over the years. The students are the best part of each class, and without them, my teaching would be meaningless. I value each moment I spend teaching a class, and am so grateful for the yoga community that I have in my life!