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Our mission is to inspire people to lead healthier and happier lives through yoga. We provide a variety of class styles for people of all levels. We hope that you experience a more balanced life by bringing mindfulness to the body, breath, and spirit. Join us to discover yoga and your organic self. 

In 2014, father-daughter duo Jerry and Bryce Farrell, opened Organic in the basement of his Johnson City dental office. The studio was a special space that began humbly and quickly grew into a wonderful community with supportive energy. When coining the name for the studio, we hoped to inspire in our students a desire to continually grow and develop both on and off the yoga mat. In 2019, the studio did just that, and relocated to the current Vestal location. The new studio offers non-heated yoga, monthly yoga and wellness workshops, and a beautiful new studio to call your yoga hOMe!


  • Bryce Farrell

    All of my classes include movement, breathing and meditation. You can expect a good flow followed by a long savasana. My movement sequences vary depending on what I’m interested in that day… but draw from modalities including yoga, dance, fitness and physical therapy. My favorite classes have a great playlist and flows that move with the music. You’ll learn, work hard, have fun and enjoy deep relaxation!

  • Jennifer Farrell

    We want to live a long and healthy life. Our yoga practice should reflect how we want to show up in this world. You can expect a mentally and physically challenging class where a variety of yoga approaches are incorporated. My classes are for all levels. All that is asked is that you show up. How much or little you do us always up to you! 

  • Corinne Farrell

    Yoga, like life, is a journey. While who I am as a yoga teacher and yogi is still evolving, I think my greatest inspiration has been the amazing yoga teachers, mentors and fellow students I have been fortunate enough to encounter. I started practicing Ashtanga yoga over twenty years ago and after straying from my practice while busy with family life, I now enjoy a much slower, less regimented practice. In 2015, I completed my prenatal certification.  Their training was thorough, magical, inspiring and to put it simply....amazing.  Through their teachings I came to see how yoga in pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times a woman can spend on her mat. The sense of community, along with the physical and mental preparation of what a prenatal yoga practice can offer a mother-to-be was the most attractive and desirable draw for me as a teacher.  I feel beyond blessed to be, in some small way, part of woman's journey into motherhood.

  • Christine Marion

    I enjoy teaching a slow or dynamic Vinyasa flow using unique sequences that simultaneously challenge the mind, breath and body while creating a sense of serenity and relaxation. I like to incorporate pranayama, mudras, affirmations and essential oils.

  • Erin Potter

    Coming Soon

  • Jesse Natishak

    Coming Soon

  • Tony Donatelli

    I try to teach a physical class as well as a meditative movement class. I base my class on a combination of asthanga sequences and vinyasa movement. My class will encompass strengthening by holding poses and flexibility through breathing in the poses. I will also use music to make my class more more meditative and interesting. I believe that yoga can develop a person’s strength and flexibility and in turn have a calming effect needed in everyday life.

  • Monique DeKleermaeker 

    Since I do not take myself too seriously, I like to have fun in my classes. That being said...my students will leave feeling energized yet relaxed, both physically and emotionally. My classes typically begin with breathing techniques and stretching, then we move thru a series of vinyasa flows building strength and endurance, and finally finish with relaxation, and often a meditation. I offer hands on adjustments, and always incorporate essential oils in savasana.

  • Jackie Kinsley

    Laughter in class allows us all be more our authentic selves. If you're smiling I know you're breathing! My classes may vary from a focused yin yoga class to a vinyasa flow creating some internal heat. In all of my classes I encourage yogis to move with respect to their bodies. Blocks, blankets, and bolsters are welcome and encouraged for your yoga to suit you. Yoga encourages us to make connections within ourselves, our families, our friends and our community. My truest wish is for my students to take the yoga in their interpretation into the world.

  • Silvia Martinichio

    As a yoga student myself, I love to be challenged, to try new things, to let loose and for once not think about anything else. A lot of my teaching represents the things I love in the classes I take as a student. I love to incorporate music into my teaching, and carefully craft playlists to match the flow. In a typical class, you could expect to flow to a unique sequence, trying out new poses and transitions each time. I also love to incorporate guided intentions with a focused theme or idea to think about throughout class.

  • Sarah DeCastro

    My classes are a vinyasa flow style that can be as easy or difficult as you would like. I love the experience of watching my students grow and get stronger with each class. I like to work on balance and strength and I love core work! I try to keep my classes light and fun!

  • Sheehan DeMichiei

    Building a class around a core intention or focus while offering a variation of poses for different levels. Practice is based around honoring oneself and their body. Not pushing through pain and discomfort, but accepting what your body is telling you and finding an appropriate edge.

  • Leann Beagell

    Each week I open my class with a different theme. In the summer of 2018, I began incorporating restorative poses into my vinyasa classes, which I really enjoyed. I loved seeing yogis able to rest and relax not only their muscles, but also their minds. On average, my classes run 75 minutes and I try to incorporate not only the poses themselves, but breath work into each class.

  • Danielle Meissner

    Coming Soon



Which class should I come to?

First, we suggest considering what you want out of your yoga practice. If you’re hoping for relaxation and stillness, try a Flow & Restore or Yin class. If you want something more physical, a Banyan Flow or Chakra Vinyasa class might be more your speed. If you're not sure where to start, we recommend the Slow + Simple classes. They are a great place to meet fellow yogis, learn the basics of yoga poses and ease in to guided relaxation. They go easy on the joints with minimal transitions and chatarungas. With that said, we know your schedule determines when you can come in, so know that you are welcome in any class. Experienced yogis are no more advanced than you, they just know when to give themselves a break. Be sure to let your teacher know ahead of class if you have any injuries or conditions that you think could affect your practice. 
I'm new to the studio.

Curious about joining Organic? Try our introductory special - take three weeks of unlimited classes for just $30 - that’s more than 50% off the monthly membership rate! It takes 21 days to start a habit so if you want to make yoga part of your routine, then this special is a great place to start. Yoga is certainly for everyone, but it is important to find a teacher and class that you resonate with. Don't like to sweat? Banyan Flow (vinyasa yoga) is probably not for you but mellow flow might be your new fave thing! Sequence, style, pace and temperature vary between teachers. Try a bunch and find what works for you.

Do I need to pre-register?
We recommend preregistering for classes. Booking ahead of time with our MindBody site or app guarantees your spot and saves you time at check in. However, you do not need to pre-register for weekly classes. Drop-in's and members can just show up to the studio before 5-10 minutes before class. Please allow enough time to park, check in, and set up your mat. Please note, special classes, workshops & series do require preregistration. Wondering how to pre-register? Click the orange MindBody button below. From there, you will need to create an account to select the class you want to register for. 

What should I do before coming for class?
Be sure to drink plenty of fluids during the day (and everyday!) so that you are well hydrated for class. Avoid eating too much (a big lunch or dinner) an hour or so before practicing yoga. Please arrive 10 minutes early to meet your teacher and get to know the studio. After your first flow yoga class, it is normal to be sore for a day or two. It’s a good idea to return for a second class within a few days. Like any other form of exercise, it is important to rehydrate and replenish the body with water and a healthy meal. 

What do I need?

If you have a mat, please bring it with you. There are mats at the studio to rent ($2) or purchase if you do not have one of your own. We suggest bringing a hand towel and a full water bottle. In an effort to reduce waste and support our environment, we do not sell water. You are welcome to fill your bottle with our filtered water pitcher. Coming from work? We have changing areas available for you.


Cancellation Policy

Please keep our cancellation policy in mind: If you are preregistered for class and cancel more than 30 minutes in advance of the start time, you can cancel your spot via the MindBody app. Your session will automatically be credited back to your account. If you cancel with less than 30 minutes notice or do not show for classes with a waitlist, one session or the cost of the session will be deducted from your account.


I'm pregnant. What classes are safe for me?
Congratulations, dear mama-to-be! Prenatal yoga is the best place for any pregnant yogi, so we recommend joining our prenatal yoga program beginning at the end of your first trimester. If you practiced yoga regularly before pregnancy (2+ classes per week for at least 1 year), you may be able to continue practicing gentle, non-heated vinyasa classes. Please email us to discuss which classes are appropriate. Please arrive early and notify your teacher prior to class if you are pregnant so she or he can give you modifications for twists, backbends and core work.

Click here for more information on prenatal yoga.

Where are you located and where should I park?

We are located above Kampai Japanese Restaurant on the corner of the Vestal Parkway and N. Jensen Road. There is free parking available at the studio. If you are coming from the East (Binghamton/JC), you can enter the lot from the parkway. There is additional parking available in the building next door. If you are coming from the West (Vestal/Endicott), you can park in the Kampai lot. 

I have a class package from the old studio. Can I still use it? 
Yes. All students with remaining class packages from the old studio will be honored in the new location. These classes will expire one year from the date of your first visit to the new studio or on March 23, 2020, whichever comes first. If you have outstanding classes after the expiration date of 3/23/2020, we will apply a discount at the value of the remaining classes to your next class package or unlimtied membership purchase.


How do I apply my old package to my MindBody account?

We have already applied your class passes to your MindBody account. To set up your log in, please email us with your name, email, cell phone and birthdate. When you receive a message back from us confirming your account, you can log in with your email on the MindBody site or app and "Reset Password." Once reset, you'll be good to go for bookings! (Please note: If your old package had more than 5 classes remaining, you are eligible to receive a special discount on unlimited pricing. We'll send more info when you email us to set up your account.)

Does the new studio offer aerial or heated classes?
Not at this time. In our transition to the new studio, we have decided to discontinue heated yoga classes. If you want to get sweaty, try one of the following fast-moving classes: Banyan Flow Level 2, Power Flow, Prana Vinyasa or Ashtanga. We are not currently offering aerial yoga but plan to bring it back as soon as possible! We hope that you will join us for one of our other classes in the meantime.


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