we believe in wellness

Wellness is more than a strong body and clear mind. Organic's offerings are built on the foundation of multi-dimensional wellness practices that address an individual's physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, environmental and most importantly, social needs.


dimensions of wellness

want to learn more about wellness?

Our yoga and holistic fitness classes promote a wellness-informed approach to movement. For a more in depth discussion of strategies for wellbeing, join us for one of our wellness workshops! Workshops are offered as a special class and vary from month to month.

Some of our popular Wellness Workshops:

  • Mastering Mindfulness: An introduction to sustainable meditation techniques

  • PranayamaLearn about the philosophy and practice of breathwork

  • GirlPower: An empowering and fun practice (movement and stress reduction) for girls age 16-20s

  • Advanced Napping: A guided meditation using the Yoga Nidra style to promote deep sleep and rejuvenation

  • Drum Circles: Beginners welcome! Enjoy mindful movement, breathing and community through rhythm and sound on the drums

  • Book Club: Our bimonthly book club explores titles and authors that inform and inspire. Each book club meeting includes discussion and a yoga practice themed around the book

  • Meditation Circle: Each meditation meeting introduces a new, non-dogmatic technique

  • Sound Bath & Reiki: Bask in the beautiful sounds of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, chimes, tuning forks and gongs while receiving hands-on energy work from our Reiki practitioners